The Importance of Print and Packaging Design in Business

In business, it's very common to have containers, boxes, or wrapping packages to keep the main items or goods. Having the packages is certainly important because one brand ha different wrapping packages and also different logos. For example, when people buy shoes in two different stores, one store may keep the shoes in specially designed shoes boxes, while the other will use special thick plastic wrappers that can be carried around. The different packages will provide information to the customers that those items are coming from different stores, manufacturers, and also brands.

Not many people realize that the industry in print and packaging design is very busy and crowded, but if they want to take a closer look to this subject, they will be able to see that having different designs, styles, and even wrapping form is certainly very important. No companies or manufacturers want to have twin forms or designs with the others, especially with their competitors. Although some companies may have their own division of designing and making this packaging planning, other companies prefer to hire third party service.

When planning and managing the print and packaging design, there are several aspects that should be included and considered into the making.

  • Sales. When the package designers make certain packages, they want to improve and boost sales numbers.
  • Brands. It would be nice if a certain package can be connected to a certain brand. For example, Nike is known for its swoosh design or a perfume bottle with a woman figure is known to belong to Jean Paul Gautier. Red drinking bottle is always related to Coca Cola, and so many more. Even a certain logo or sayings can be connected to a certain brand.
  • Slogan. Slogan and brands are always going hand in hand. When people hear the slogans "Just do it" they will immediately remember Nike products.
  • Package form. Having regular and common wrappers, containers, and boxes are old fashioned. Today's package designers are able to come up with multifunctional forms of packages. For example, instead of giving boxes for the shoes, they probably provide shoes bag that can be used to store the items and carry them around. Believe it o not, such thing will affect customers' preference and like because they tend to choose a product with handy package.
  • Company's image. It would be better if the company's image can be included in the packages. Of course, such image depends greatly on the products, slogans, brands, and also target market.

As it was mentioned before, some companies decide to hire third party service to handle their print and packaging design. The advantage of having this kind of service is that the company can focus more on their production and they don't have to fuss about the designing concept; they can let the service to handle everything. Of course, it would be better if they discuss and talk about a lot of stuffs first in order to avoid mistakes. But no matter what kind of method people try, they need to always pay attention to the packaging matter if they want their products to be known by a lot of people and they want their business to succeed.